Information Technologies grow 10.5 percent annually in Mexico

Mexico, Feb. 27 (Notimex).- The information technology (IT) industry records an average annual growth of 10.5 percent in Mexico, with 70 million people of different age ranges connected to the network.

According to the Mexican Association of the Information Technology Industry (AMITI, for its acronym in Spanish), in the country there are four thousand companies that are related to this sector, which together invoice around 444 thousand 379 million pesos per year.

The opportunity of growth that the adoption of IT represents at the national level is fundamental for the nation to be competitive and benefits the population, said the executive director of Everis in Mexico, Peter Kroll.

“Information technologies play a key role in the development strategy, not only because of its growth potential, but also because of the benefits that can generate for other areas, as well as to increase the competitiveness of the economy in general,” he said.

The adoption of IT in the Mexican Republic allows the evolution of the markets towards digitalization, which is already being experienced in the world and to the extent of the introduction of new technologies such as the 5G network, which is already present in commercial devices such as some of those presented at the Mobile World Congress 2019, held in Barcelona.

Everis is a multinational business consultancy, decided to join AMITI’s commitment to promote the use, diffusion and development of IT, with which it is sought not only to keep the nation among the first 10 places for the location of global services, but also closing the digital divide and democratize technology.

“Everis has realized how the country has positioned itself as one of the main hubs for the development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with its geographic location, its preferential access to foreign markets, as well as a legal framework standardized to the keys of its success within the industry,” said the director.

When considering technology as a factor that makes it possible to equalize the conditions of education and work among different sectors of the population, the annual growth in the development and adoption of these is a sign of the interest of Mexicans, as well as business for digitization that will allow them to work in a more equitable environment.

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