By Enrique Vidales Ripoll
August of 2006

The modern educator's task is not to prune the forests, but
watering the deserts.
Clive Staples Lewis (1898-1963) British Writer.

Of who should the responsibility of the education of the individual's values

Among the years of 1996 and 1997 I had the necessity to fulfill an
investigation work to credit the corresponding subject in the Ability. In that
then, like until today, we discussed on the existence of a crisis of values in
the society. For such a reason, interested in the topic, I decided to explore
that topic in a systematic and objective way, what took me to a bibliographical
revision of a lot of value. In retrospective it is in the results that my
concern is configured to assist an area that is vital for the development of the
society, the formation of values.

I remember a small interview with Edgar Mason *, writer and political and
social analyst of that time, known by their comments in the journalists of
TVAzteca and journalistic columns in media forms. When asking him in a direct
way who considered that it should be the first formative instance of values, in
an immediate way he affirmed: "the first responsible in the education of the
values it is the family; however, like it has been neglected, the responsibility
relapses in the school"

To a decade of that statement, we cannot deny that the things if they have
changed, but non positive way. The school has not been able to take root in the
individual's moral, ethical or universal values formation that they dignify
its existence. It worries more about the education of individuals that they are
able to be introduced quickly to the productive life, for the technical manpower
that does without of the values and the attitudes in the person's

The educational reality of the country this very deteriorated one. Many lacks
exist, inclusive in the transmission of the basic knowledge that an educating
requires to be unwrapped in the society. All educator knows that is necessary to
have the base of the knowledge, it stops later, to develop the abilities and
attitudes, these concrete last manifestations of the values that it assumes as
own an individual. Therefore, the problem of the formation of values falls in an
abyss, of the one which, few they commit to look for alternative of

Do I reiterate the question that one decade asks I disturb myself, Of who
should the responsibility of the education of the individual's values be?

I believe firmly that that task and function corresponds him, without any
doubt margin, to the family, specifically to the progenitors, to dad and mom,
both committed ones with the initial formation of the children. It is not needed
to be educators or specialists of the education, alone coarse to be the first
ones that demonstrate the existence from the values to the children with the
example that like sponges capture a lot more than that that the atmosphere
consciously teaches them.

That is the premise that should sustain the formation of values. In the daily
life, with more example of life than you chat unconscious to lack practice, they
are the forms of taking to the experimentation of the values in the boy. The
formation of values for dialogue without the effective exemplification lacks
sense and few results it propitiates.

With all this I don't want to discharge the responsibility of the school, of
the formal system of education, in fomenting values, but their task should be
limited to reinforce what the children have learned at home.

* Regrettably this commentator was murdered in her house of Cuernavaca
November 29 from 1996 when discovering a thief supposedly inside her home. Their
crime has never been clarified.


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