Ibero-American Commission to address National Guard issue

Mexico, Feb. 27 (Notimex).- The Ibero-American Commission of Human Rights will focus its efforts during 2019 to attend elementary points to guarantee the attention of six urgent needs without putting aside the care of human rights.

The national president of that commission, Víctor Hugo Gutiérrez Yáñez, revealed that these points address the issue of peace, before the national insecurity; the problem of double-trailer cargo transport; the National Guard; the protection of journalists; the opening of political parties; and the creation of a health commission for food labeling.

In the first instance, he stressed that the commission is concerned about the violence in the country, so since February 20, it has been working to start the Peace Days (Jornadas de la Paz), which will be applied in different entities.

For this purpose, starting March 10 it will start in Chignahuapan, Puebla, a first journal with at least five thousand children through the spreading of Culture of the Peace and promotion to non-violence, a model that will seek to be performed in the sixteen Mexico City Halls

Regarding the problem generated by the transport of double trailers, he recalled that the initiative that regulated its circulation was removed, so it is essential to bring back this regulation to ensure that the population´s safety is not exposed.

The objective is to reduce the incidence of accidents caused by the circulation of these vehicles during peak hours, which is why we already work with the commissions of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT, for its acronym in Spanish) of the Chambers of Deputies and Senators.

The object is to resume this situation in order to remove the double trailer or to reconsider that they circulate at night shifts when the vehicle load does not represent danger.

As for the National Guard, the president commissioner for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Ibero-American Commission assured that “we are pleased that a civilian command was handled and as commission we are attentive  to make careful surveillance in the whole country that no infringement to human rights is given”.

For this reason, he announced that the commissioners are instructed to review the development process of this guard, in addition that it will make sure its elements, once their surveillance role is accomplished, continue with training for their professionalization.

Regarding the National System for the Protection of Journalists, he warned that it has not fulfilled its function to guarantee the freedom of its exercise together with human rights defenders.

Therefore, he warned that the commission will seek to consolidate the mechanisms that guarantee that journalists and human rights defenders fulfill their role in an efficient and safe manner.

Regarding the opening of political parties, the commission has detected an overrepresentation of them, so it will focus its efforts to allow its opening and facilitate citizen participation through the necessary democratic mechanisms.

In terms of nutrition, the commission will promote the creation of a health commission for the labeling of food, so that they include a health lights that clearly specifies the nutrients, fats and calories that the consumer acquires by consuming them, as it is done in Ecuador.

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